The company

La Grosse Equipe (The Big Team !) is a production company created in 2005 by Thibaut Valès, Jeremy Michalak and Zumeo.

A specialist in format creation, La Grosse Equipe is one of the leading independent production companies in France and produces nearly 250 hours of programmes every year.

The founders

Thibaut Valès

In 1998, Thibaut Vales took part in the creation of íTélé and founded the firm Cinéquanon, specialising in sponsored programmes. Cinéquanon produced programmes for TF1 and M6 at the outset, then diversified its activities on the web, going as far as to produce the sitcom “Brother and Brother” for Canal+.

In 2003, Thibaut Valès discovered the actor and comedian Arnaud Ducret, proceeded to launch his career, and continues to produce him to this day on stage, cinema and television.