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When George W. Bush left the White House, no one imagined that he would be missed one day! And yet, that day has arrived…

Professional blunderer, clumsy, a little vulgar, and the favourite target of the Internet in turn, he is considered by specialists as the official provider of political blooper images. The problem is that since he disappeared from the political stage, no politician seems to hold a candle to him when it comes to gaffes.

Without him, political journalists throughout the world are in a Strange State: they simply have to find a new whipping boy for their bloopers…To address this crisis, the editorial board, headed by Jean-Luc Lemoine, was entrusted with the mission of finding a new George W. Bush in 90 minutes !

Format : Entertainment (90′)
Broadcast on : France 4
Distribution : La Grosse Equipe


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