About the show


Original entertainment, HUMOUR 2.0 brings together some twenty of the Web’s most influential humorists for the first time. For this exceptional premiere, these renowned YouTube comedians have accepted to comment on extracts of their most famous videos and to speak about how they got started, their success, the secrets of that success and how they see their adventure unfold in the future.

You will discover the best videos of each humorist, exclusive interviews, career insights and will go backstage for their upcoming blockbusters. You will understand how, isolated in their room, these artists are de facto “Web-connected” between themselves and with their funds, the “buddy attitude” being the source of their inspiration and key to their success.

From their first steps on the web to today, HUMOUR 2.0 proposes to discover the uncommon story of these celebrities, thanks to this funny and relaxed evening in their company !

Format : Documentary
Broadcast on : Comédie +
Distribution : La Grosse Equipe


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