About the show


Rémi Gaillard invites TV viewers to his fief of Montpellier, unveiling some recipes of his cult videos along the way.

This best of compilation (“Mario Kart,” “Rocky,” “Le Kangourou,” “Le Golf,” “Le Parrain” [The Godfather], “Pacman,” “Tarzan,” “L’Escargot” [The Snail], “La Chauve-Souris” [The Bat], «Inter-fêtes») is punctuated by interviews of those he has cornered, of his fans, above all his walk-ons: the proprietor of a fetish boutique (a shop of jokes and hoaxes) and his seven camera operators (regularly run after).

The man with a billion clicks pays an impromptu visit to his singer friend Cali and concocts a surprise commensurate with the capital he has come to visit.

Format : Documentary (90′)
Broadcast on : NRJ12
Distribution : La Grosse Equipe


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